• RELEASE DATE /November, 14 2018
  • GENRE /Action, Adventure, Indie
  • FORMAT /Digital / Game

Release tracklist

  1. 01 Main Theme Lorenzo Visintin
  2. 02 Towards Oblivion Lorenzo Visintin
  3. 03 The Tale Lorenzo Visintin
  4. 04 Try the Spell Lorenzo Visintin
  5. 05 Shadow in the Forest Lorenzo Visintin
  6. 06 Battle Theme - Forest Lorenzo Visintin
  7. 07 The Room Lorenzo Visintin
  8. 08 Alterego Lorenzo Visintin
  9. 09 The Magic in My Hands Lorenzo Visintin
  10. 10 Oblivion Subsoil Lorenzo Visintin
  11. 11 The Confrontation Lorenzo Visintin
  12. 12 Battle Theme - Beach Lorenzo Visintin
  13. 13 Finale Lorenzo Visintin
  14. 14 BONUS - Shadow in the Forest - Darker Lorenzo Visintin
  15. 15 BONUS - The Room - Ancestral Lorenzo Visintin
  16. 16 BONUS - The Room - Light Lorenzo Visintin
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Few words

In Runes you are a renegade wizard fighting for survival in a virtual fantasy world. Use the movement of your hands to cast powerful spells, solve puzzles and fight enemies. Explore rich and detailed worlds in complete VR immersion in this story driven fantasy adventure.

The music of RTFP was conceived with the aim of balancing lively fantasy sounds and darker elements. This contrast proved essential to keep with the tone the game, where the narrative develops through mystery and a dreamlike representation of the main character’s inner conflicts.

Amazing Mastering

“The competent professional mastering done by Davide Rizzatti optimized this soundtrack values. Thoroughly embracing the story and the music, Davide brought out that sparkle of magic I was hoping for when I approached his incredible studio.”