• RELEASE DATE /September, 30 2014
  • CATALOG /Smilax X288
  • LABEL /Smilax Records Srl
  • FORMAT /Digital / CD

Release tracklist

  1. 01 We Are All Around Rockets
  2. 02 World on Fire Rockets
  3. 03 Evolution Rockets
  4. 04 Through the Night Rockets
  5. 05 Party Queen (feat. Muciaccia) Rockets
  6. 06 Crying Alone Rockets
  7. 07 Faby's Back Rockets
  8. 08 Shine on Me Rockets
  9. 09 Our Rights Rockets
  10. 10 Lost in the Rhythm Rockets
  11. 11 Heaven 58 Rockets
  12. 12 Number One Rockets
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Few words

Remember the first time you heard Eric Prydz “Call On Me” or Mojo “Lady” then add a little contemporary twist to the mix and you have “Party Queen” out now as part of the “KAOS” new album by ROCKETS.

In contemporary to the publish it was released the video of the first single ‘Party Queen‘ (feat. Muciaccia), in order of time the last of the songs composed and realized for this long-awaited record.
Three are the instrumental tracks, one of which is in perfect Rockets style, one down beat while the other new age; the title KAOS is referred too to the wide variety of genres, some of them remembrance the sound of the past, while others the most recent international radio sound, with influences rock and electronic. Even the new songs, which in recent years had been presented in the live, have a pleasantly modern and international sound
Distributed worldwide by Warner Music, the album contains 12 tracks and it is published by Smilax Publishing Srl/Benvenuto Ed. Musicali.

Matériel Top, Son Top, Mastering Top.

“Une bien  belle collaboration Avec Davide pour l’album Kaos, qui a durée environ trois/quattre ans.
Matériel Top. Son Top. Mastering Top.”

Il ne manque rien dans ce studio , à part peut etre un sauna 🙂 Au prochain projet…..A suivre….

Fabrice Quagliotti ROCKETS