• RELEASE DATE /May, 7 2012
  • LABEL /Netswork Records
  • FORMAT /Digital

Release tracklist

  1. 01 How Does It Feel (Original Version) Outwork & Eric Solomon
  2. 02 How Does It Feel (Vocal Extended) Outwork & Eric Solomon
  3. 03 How Does It Feel (Outwork Mix) Outwork & Eric Solomon

Few words

There’s no word to define the enormous hype on this new OUTWORK project! We have had great feedback in Miami at WMC wherein main A&R and DJs have quoted as “Sky is the limit” for this wonderful song and solid pop production by OUTWORK. Eric Solomon, already applauded well know north american pop act, joins the italian team and draw up a laaarge song meant to reach peak times @ parties and playlists!

So just listen to it, then turn up the radio and enjoy!

Amazing reviews

I chosed Davide for my final mastering because is a “Genius“. For me is important work with him because he knows very well all the music tools equipments and softwares and he put lot of love and concentration in all of my tracks.
I think that  there isn’t in the world other people like him!

Pietro Berti OUTWORK