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Worldwide superstar from California to Ibiza, from Paris to London the unique talent of Valeria Vix is well known and wanted in many great Events and Discos. She is one of the major characters in the main Clubs all over the world since the middle 90s.

Her quality as a Vocalist and as an entertainer and her professional experiences in fashion lead to many celebrated successes such as “Viciosa” (her first #1 single), Sueño LatinoNoche Diva“, “El Tigre“, “La Morocha“, “Mi Boca“, pieces with vibrating sounds who still collect a lot of official and remixed versions because of their great musicality and versatility.

In 2014 Davide Rizzatti, produced ”EXTRAVAGANTE ” (released worldwide on May 1st), a song perfect for her like her great first success Viciosa, featuring the US rapper Shawn Weigh and Miracle (two artists that belong to Eccentric Records)

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Alicia Fernandez
Assistant Artist Manager

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How can you hear in the same track a sexy Hispanic voice, a skillful American rapper and a charming Italian singer? The answer is “EXTRAVAGANTE“, the new song of the Eccentric Records where three artists with so different qualities join the same project. The result? Brilliant. The music and the rhythm are so well assembled and the voices are so perfectly tuned that at the first listening you will have to pump up the volume and flow with the sound. The brass and the bass on the dancefloor together create a perfect groove where the music can grow like a natural fall.

The voice of Shawn Weigh is the joyful voice of the narrator who describes with ironical and funny impromptu the situation where Valeria Vix and Miracle join the party and in the same way drive you crazy, no more talk about the video…

Extravagante (Video Version)

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November 15, 2008 @ Trieste. IT