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On September 28th Shawn Weigh (Jay Shawn) was born and raised in the South Bronx of New York City. Shawn Weigh’s potential for success was recognized from his time of birth when the doctors said he was a special baby. Unfortunately he and his mother Jo-Ann experienced loss early in life when Shawn Weigh’s father left right after he was born.Thankfully Shawn Weigh had the positive influences and support of his Grandparents with whom he spent the majority of his time. Three young men also came along to take Jay under their wing and show him the correct path to follow and they put him down with a group called JJM. JJM was a group of positive brothers very much into the hip hop culture and which was tailored to fit Shawn. He caught on to it very quickly, thus expanding HIS LOVE FOR MUSIC into a full-blown obsession.

In July of 1999, Jo-Ann decided to move to Raeford, North Carolina in order to give her and Jay-Shawn a new beginning. It was in the small town of Raeford that Shawn began rap battling and within three weeks he won his first rap battle. Needless to say, the whole town took notice of the City Kidd. His dynamic, different style, NY swag and incredible rapping ability generated interest, and the fact that he was easy to get along with made people gravitate to him even more. It was at this point in his life that “Shawn became a leader and people began looking up to him”. The people went as far as even giving him the nick name ‘New York’.

After spending two years in North Carolina, Shawn moved back to New York. He spent a lot of time with his mother and grandparents. He accepted a job offer, which moved him to the United Kingdom England. While there, he met another young man who shared his passion for music and they released his first underground street album titled A.N.O.C Hold dat Pt. 1 which sold 784 units in its first two days and a total of 2,075 units in #1 week.Continuing with his “Undefeated Streak of Rap Battles”, Shawn began performing at local pubs and clubs in London. He took another job offer in North Dakota/Canada and while there, he released his second underground street album entitled North Meets South Pt. 2 which sold 1,136 units in its first week and an outstanding 5,217 units overall in one month. While doing numerous shows between Canada and North Dakota, “Shawn destroyed 12 rappers” adding to his already impressive battle resume. Tragedy struck Shawn while on his way to perform at a show; he received a heart shattering phone call that his mother had passed away. He dropped everything and rushed to New York. His mothers passing took away all of his motivation and energy to record a song for almost a year, setting his music career back. After the birth of the NORTH MEETS SOUTH EMPIRE, Shawn has done many shows as well as tireless promotion of his artists and selling Street albums. Shawn took a trip to Europe determined to get his music and his label heard worldwide. Since then he has done many shows and has promoted his Demo & his NMS Radio Series everywhere he goes and has received nothing but positive feedback. July 2009 NMS Radio Pt. 1 EMPIRE MUSIK was released to the world distributing over 10,000 Units and downloads worldwide which also helped him establish The NMS RADIO Show. He is currently on his European Tour and working on NMS Radio Pt. 2 MONEY MUSIK which is due to release October 2010 and a EP set to be released Summer 2011. In February 2012 Jay-Shawn changed his name to Shawn Weigh also following the release of his Mix tape “Jay Shawn is Shawn Weigh. Since the release of this mix tape, Shawn performed at The 2012 NBA All Star Weekend in Orlando Florida. He has also performed at The Florida Music Festival, made guest appearances at local shows and is currently on tour throughout Europe and Asia.

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How can you hear in the same track a sexy Hispanic voice, a skillful American rapper and a charming Italian singer? The answer is “EXTRAVAGANTE“, the new song of the Eccentric Records where three artists with so different qualities join the same project. The result? Brilliant. The music and the rhythm are so well assembled and the voices are so perfectly tuned that at the first listening you will have to pump up the volume and flow with the sound. The brass and the bass on the dancefloor together create a perfect groove where the music can grow like a natural fall.

The voice of Shawn Weigh is the joyful voice of the narrator who describes with ironical and funny impromptu the situation where Valeria Vix and Miracle join the party and in the same way drive you crazy, no more talk about the video…

Extravagante (Video Version)