My Biography


Curiosity let him study many instruments: he started with drums, a Mapex and a Yamaha were his childhood mates. He still recalls all the time he passed on his drums whenever he wanted to be alone and let his mind flow with the rhythm. He also played guitars to write his own bases, an acoustical Ibanez which he received for his 16th birthday.

He also listens to many different kinds of music; his family made him grow between lyrical and RnB, and this constant research brought him to a very deep consciousness of his goals for such a young artist.

His voyage started from classical pop music and flowed directly to rap, hip hop and soul music, entered in his mind and blew it out; he loved many artists, but he always admired the inspirations and professional figures of Lil’Wayne, Drake and Will.I.Am from whom he learned how to create deep and artistic sounds.

Love, instead, gave him the passion necessary to follow his dreams and the need to write lyrics which will explain the complex world he has inside. Love also made him start singing since he was a child till he arrived to test himself and his dreams on a trip to the United States where he found and fell in love with the polyhedral world of American songwriting. When he returned to Italy, he met Shawn Weigh and after a couple of years they both became engaged by Davide Rizzatti for an Eccentric Records project. The producer immediately loved his unique vocal timbre which mixed American sounds and Italian character, so the young artist who is enthusiastic about letting his quality be proved in this new international project.

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Davide Rizzatti
Assistant Artist Manager
(+39) 040 3419534
If you have any queries, please send message, and we will be in touch soon

Releases that you need

How can you hear in the same track a sexy Hispanic voice, a skillful American rapper and a charming Italian singer? The answer is “EXTRAVAGANTE“, the new song of the Eccentric Records where three artists with so different qualities join the same project. The result? Brilliant. The music and the rhythm are so well assembled and the voices are so perfectly tuned that at the first listening you will have to pump up the volume and flow with the sound. The brass and the bass on the dancefloor together create a perfect groove where the music can grow like a natural fall.

The voice of Shawn Weigh is the joyful voice of the narrator who describes with ironical and funny impromptu the situation where Valeria Vix and Miracle join the party and in the same way drive you crazy, no more talk about the video…

Extravagante Valeria Vix Feat. Shawn Weigh & Miracle
  1. 01 Extravagante (Video Version) Valeria Vix Feat. Shawn Weigh & Miracle