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Danny Rodia give birth and develop his talents between the test-rooms, cellars, recording studios and live-parties of Milan’s “Acid-House” in the years of 1985 to 1987.

Between 1988-1990, Danny collaborated together with already experienced band named “Novecento“, a great band that was founded in the eighties. “Movin’ on“, “The Night” (Valerie Dore), Call Me Mr. Telephone (Cheyne).

From 1994 to 1998, the most important choice of vinyls to Danny are: “Anymore” Masha (ZAC record), “Thinking about you” Dream (Farm and Flying Records), “Pump it up” (Demolition and One Trybal)…and various others, until arriving to “NATION OF LOVE” disc released in Italy with the “One Trybal” label and licensed in England with the record label “Sensation” and the tune is remixed numerous times by different dj’s and producers.

From 1996 to 2003, Danny played records at various clubs in Milan. Some of the most important names are: The Black, De Sade and Magazzini Generali, where the fridays where played by Danny as a resident dj (2002/03).

2004: “LATIN LOVER” is also self-written, a “House” tune, released on many summer compilations, including some named examples: “KARE (MENT) KOMPIL’” finest house selection (Gotta Record of Monte Carlo), “PRINCE” fashion Riccione club, mix from Franco Moiraghi (Fresca ed.) “SUMMER SELECTION 2004” selection of the super-club of Milan, Tip of the East. (Fresca ed.) “ASTORIA” finest house selection…,   and various others. Finally, in the end of the summer season, composed two new lounge tune’s titled: “ULTRAPROMO” (released for the Club “De Sade” in “Deep House and Groove Sensation”)  “ORIZZONTE” (Fresca ed.), and the last song “I’LL GIVE YOU MY HEART” (Fresca ed).

In 2005, Danny moves from Milan to Trieste, where he knows Davide Rizzatti (“Ramirez“, Glam and other infinities of successes), who believed a lot in their possibilities. From that moment Davide have pushed in order to produce the first disc for the newborn label “ECCENTRIC RECORDS”, the disc of Danny Rodia ELECTRO MOVE“, becomes endured to the Soundtrack of the television spot “Volkswagen FOX” for Italy and other countries. It has been licensed from the Metropol Records for Spain where it was released like “single” (vinyl) in three versions and on “LOS CIERRES DE 09, 05 IBIZA. The closing party” “ELECTRO MOVE” was assorted in various spanish top-lists.

Later on between 2006 to 2007, in Trieste collaborated with Davide Rizzatti, “CHEMICAL GIRL” is born.

Back from a “Summer Tour” to south of Brazil (Ibiza), completed the last practical works of the new recording studio.

At last, at work for the next tune “Feel your love”.

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Releases that you need

The first release for Eccentric Records, Davide Rizzatti‘s neo label. After a long period, spent behind his diabolic machines Dr. Rizzatti (bringing about projects, amongst which Ramirez & Glam) returns to conquer dancefloors of half the world with Electro Move, electro house project produced by the talented musician Daniele Rodia… it’s a pure concept of electro magnetic waves, electro smog and sounds in phase of perfect intertwining with base of a different time, played by a true emerging genius, Gabriele Salvador.
This is the album you’ve been waiting for! Electro Move

This ‘Electro Storm‘ that we exhausted bastards have been working on with one common passion. Expecting new releases from this duo, for now we make do with this piece, thanks to the ad of a renowned automobile maker.

Electro Move
  1. 01 Electro Move (Harmo Bass Mix) Danny Rodia & Dave Gallucci
  2. 02 Electro Move (Sine Shape Mix) Danny Rodia & Dave Gallucci
  3. 03 Electro Move (Electro Phase Mix) Danny Rodia & Dave Gallucci